Hi, I'm Stephanie! 


I take the path less traveled. I design, illustrate, brand, write, and host.


My college journey led me to start Bathing Beauteas to help improve the personal health + wellness of women worldwide and start conversations that empower women to be confident + successful.


With strong PNW roots, I am an explorer. The voice of my brand is bold, outdoorsy, and curious.


Last year, I decided to travel across the world. What started off as short stay in summery Copenhagen, Denmark (the design capitol of the world!) blossomed into a creative discovery of design + digital marketing. I came home to Seattle with a fresh intake of innovative ideas + started social sharings.


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"As a seasoned creative myself, I rank Stephanie's creative talent as top-notch...she is hardworking, focused and communicates expectations clearly. I am always confident that the results will be great when I hire her to complete consulting projects; she has become one of my favorite go-tos."

- Leo Lam, Fashion Photographer


"Stephanie is an exemplary graphic designer and brand specialist. She is timely, relatable, and highly skilled in graphic design and branding. My company worked with her on an artists series and she over exceeded our expectations."

- Madeline Bennett, CEO of Otogear


"Stephanie was nothing but professional and creative when designing the logos for my photography brand. I really made a point to find someone who's artwork I admired, but could also bend to something I had in mind. She did that perfectly. Not only was she able to pick up themes in my own work I had no identified, she worked with me on multiple revisions patiently and effectively."

- Madeline Down, Downmade Photography


"Stephanie Mai delivers a rare combination of creative conceptualization and design - I am very thrilled with the results of my new photography logo! Working with Stephanie is effortless - she has the business savvy skill to quickly grasp your concepts and turn out amazing visuals with very little revision required."

- Oscar Mwaba, Photographer


"I have observed Stephanie making illustrations for a book project, logos for companies, and of course, her design work for Bathing Beauteas. Stephanie is a natural designer and illustrator."

- Alan Leong, BioWatch News