Stephanie Mai is a Seattle-based artist known for her lettering + designs inspired by her PNW roots as well as flowers + fauna. She is also the co-founder of Bathing Beauteas - a startup focused on empowering women through health + wellness.

Stephanie is a part time Designer, full time plant enthusiast, and lover of all things outdoors. As a creative with a marketing background, Stephanie loves to connect with her audience through meaningful ways via visual communication + hosting meetups in Seattle.

She is currently in the process of connecting to brand charities who are working towards protecting the environment + wildlife. 

Photography courtesy of Helena Kopet


DISCOVER // My lifestyle is defined by constantly exploring. Whether it be cities, countries, creative spaces or mountains + wild places, I make it my mission to venture into the unknown. 

To find + share new discoveries.


DO GOOD // I am passionate about social entrepreneurship + making a positive impact on the planet. A portion of the proceeds go back to support the World Wildlife Foundation to help take care of our forests + animals.


DREAM // Bringing visions to life through art + design. I believe in telling brand stories + building meaningful, long-lasting connections as a content creator.